A Web Platform for Schools, Other Organisations and SMEs

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May 27, 2016

A Web Platform for Schools, Other Organisations and SMEs

A Web Platform for Schools, Other Organisations and SMEs



A web platform has been set-up to enable schools, other organisations and SMEs in PNG to register a premium website. The web portal is www.pngsme.com which enables entities and individuals to register online at anytime, from anywhere.


This was made possible by a partnership between PNG SME and a global hi-tech firm LiquidNet Ltd which is well established in the web hosting industry. LiquidNet Group is a global web hosting provider based in London, UK, but operating all over the globe, providing innovative cloud hosting solutions through local country portals. Over 40.000 clients are hosted on our cloud clustered servers housed in data centers on three continents, with over 200.000 domains are registered with us. This partnership enables clients to have access to 5 state-of-art data centers worldwide, with 99.9% up-time guarantee, and a host of other benefits. These include integrated web-based systems like E-Commerce and Learning Management Systems, among others.


Founder and director of PNG SME Simon Uve said it is undeniable that a website is indispensable in this day and age. Yet a lot of schools, other organisations and SMEs do not have a website because it is expensive, complicated and time-consuming. Simon further statted that the main idea of pngsme.com is to make it hassle-free, stress-free and risk-free for schools, other organisations and SMEs in PNG to register a premium website that has E-Commerce Systems, Learning Management Systems and others integrated. Registration takes just 5-minutes and the website building process is narrowed down to just a few clicks, with 200+ premium templates to choose from.


When registering a website on the web portal (www.pngsme.com) there are 4 domains to choose from. SMEs (Companies, Businesses Groups, Cooperative Societies etc) can register a website under the pngsme.com domain. Schools/Institutions can register a website under the pngedu.com domain. NGOs, Churches, Bands, Teams, Clubs, Youth Groups, Cultural Groups, Women’s Groups etc. can register a website under the pngorg.com domain. Individuals and entities can also register a website under the pngemarket.com domain.


A website is a tireless employee working 24/7/365 as a teller giving account balance, accounts clerk processing online payments, customer service officer giving information, marketing officer interactively displaying your brand and products using texts/images/videos, teacher giving lessons and other performing other tasks including registration, receptionist taking your messages, and a lot more. A website is of great importance in Business, Education, Government and other sectors.
The question is not “How much money will a website cost?” but rather “How much money am I losing without a website?” And all it costs is just K299. But registration is free and you have a 30-day free trial. Above all, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee so in the unlikely event you are unsatisfied, you get a full refund – no questions will be asked.
Simon Uve is appealing to the commercial banks to come on board as partners to support pngsme.com as a product for their customers (schools, other organisations and SME’s in PNG). The same appeal goes to the major telco companies Digicel, Bmobile and Telikom. Moreover, appropriate Government departments like Commerce, Trade & Industry, Education, Community Development and others are urged to recognized the importance of this initiative and back it. This is not to mention other stakeholders.

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