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The World Bank and the Government of Papua New Guinea have concluded that promoting and supporting the Small – Medium Enterprise (SME) sector in the country would create more job opportunities, as well as diversify the country’s economy.

And PNGSME Web Services could not agree more. That is why we came up with this site. PNGSME.COM is the web platform for SMEs in PNG.

A scrutiny of the websites of SMEs in thriving economies revealed a common aspect that contributed a lot to their success. Countries with thriving SME sectors have, among other things, well developed web-based systems that handle every aspect from administration to marketing to sales, and ultimately facilitate the advancement of their respective industries.

A website goes far beyond the functions of marketing and actually goes on to processing. Such a website is the best employer which is available 24/7/365 and will tirelessly and automatically process thousands of client queries simultaneously like online booking, online payment processing, auto-responding to emails, answer enquiries, automatically give information, and notify administrators/management and so on. A website truly has endless capabilities.

Being familiar with the niceties of the industry, we are aware of the significance of an ‘online presence’ to business, government, education, Church and all other sectors/industries.

The internet has revolutionized virtually every sector of society from business to communication to entertainment and to education, including the Government and Church. It has transformed the way we buy and sell, govern/administer, evangelize, communicate and teach/learn etc.

A website will host a Learning Management System (LMS), E-Commerce, Management Database and the countless other things. A website is the best employee that can serve thousands of clients simultaneously 24/7/365 without over-time. It can teach, process payments, answer queries, store information, and facilitate other processes. It is practically unlimited. Moreover, a website is the best, most cost-effective marketing medium which alone is interactive and dynamic. Infact, a website is indispensable in this day and age.

Significantly, that is why we have decided to take lead action and help out in this area. The goal is for SMEs to register themselves and set up of a full-feature online portal. Such a website will have necessary features integrated and be a part of the PNG Network of SMEs (Companies), Businesses Groups, Cooperative Societies, NGOs, Churches, Bands, Teams, Clubs, Youth Groups, Cultural Groups, Women’s Groups, Schools, Individuals, Informal Sector, Overseas Suppliers and more…


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