PNGSME.COM is the web platform for SMEs in PNG. If you want to register a website on this platform, click here

If you want your own domain and hosting, Visit PNGSME Web Services parent website: Click here


Website Registration Guide

Steps To Register A Website

To register, visit the sign-up page. Click here


* Then fill in the details. Below is an outline of what to expect:

  • Username:  (Must be at least 4 characters, letters and numbers only.)
  • Email Address:  We send your registration email to this address. (Double-check your email address before continuing.)
  • Captcha Code: Enter the code in the image
  • Gimme a site! (Select the radio button)
    (You can register as a user only or you can register an account/website. Tick/check which option you want.)
  • Click ‘Next’

Wait for it to process.

* Then you are taken to the next page to fill in your other details:

Rego 3

  • Site Domain:  Enter your site name. Must be at least 4 characters, letters and numbers only. It cannot be changed, so choose carefully!
  • Then select the domain from the drop-down menu. You can register under or or or

Rego 4

  • Site Title: Enter the title of your website.
  • Privacy: Allow search engines to index this site. You should tick/check yes so that your site can be found on search engines.
  • Select a template: Click on the box to access the drop-down menu and select the desired template

Rego 5

Then click on the ‘Signup’ button. Wait for it to process….

* Then you get the following message on screen:

Rego 3

“Congratulations! Your new site is almost ready.
But, before you can start using your site, you must activate it.
Check your inbox and click the link given.
If you do not activate your site within two days, you will have to sign up again.
Still waiting for your email?
If you haven’t received your email yet, there are a number of things you can do:
Wait a little longer. Sometimes delivery of email can be delayed by processes outside of our control.
Check the junk or spam folder of your email client. Sometime emails wind up there by mistake.
Have you entered your email correctly? You have entered, if it’s incorrect, you will not receive your email.”

* The next stage now is to check your email, the one you entered. Simply click on the link to activate your account/website. You will receive a message like this:

* Next you get the following message below:

Your account is now active!
Username: example
Password: examplepassword
Your account is now activated. View your site or Log in

*You will also get another email containing your login credentials like this:

Changing Template/Layout

Steps To Changing Your Website Template/Layout.


There are four (4) main steps.

  1. First is to backup the content of the pages.
  2. Secondly, if you prefer to start anew (fresh) you must delete all pages, posts, comments, media items, menus, widgets, contact forms.
  3. Thirdly, import the demo content. (This step installs pages, texts, images, widgets and other elements)
  4. Fourthly, import the demo slider. (This step imports slider content only)

 Below we will take a look at steps 3&4

Step 3. Website Template Setup

Setting up your website is easy. First you need to decide which template you wish to use. You can see the snapshots here.

* Then, all you need to do is go to Appearance > BeTheme Demo Data section from the menu bar on the left.


* Select ‘Demo’


* Then select the demo template want to install.


* Make sure you import the attachments by ticking the ‘Import attachments’ box.


* Then simply click ‘Import demo data’

* Wait for it to process and you will then get a confirmation message like this:





Step 4. Demo Slider Import

Importing the slider is easy.

Firstly, you have to download to your computer the zipped folder containing the demo sliders. Click here to download

Then you unzip the download folder.

After you’ve done that, you are now ready to import in step 2.

Depending on the demo template you chose in step 1, you then have to import its corresponding demo slider(s).

* All you need to do is go to Slider Revolution > Slider Revolution section from the menu bar on the left.


* Click on ‘Import Slider’


* Then click on ‘Browse’ button and browse to the folder on your computer where the rev slider demos are located.


* After selecting the demo slider zipped folder, click on open


* Then simply click on the ‘Import Slider’ button and you’re done.


* You will see the imported demo slider.



To register, visit the Registration page.

PNGSME Website Design/Customisation


To design and customise your website, please these two resources:



The ebooks document the different features of your website and how you can tweak the settings for each feature and thus customise your website.

If you encounter any issues with the above links and downloading, you can also copy this link and paste on to your web browser:



An affiliate program is a marketing program where you can receive commission for helping a parent company generate sales. As an affiliate you refer a client to the parent company’s website and when the client makes a purchase, you get a commission

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

You should consider joining our affiliate program and earn simply by referring paying customers to our website. You get paid 30% commission.

Firstly you must Register as a user or get a site. Then visit our affiliates page and Register as an affiliate.

You will then be given a link or banner ads to place on your website. There are different banners you can choose from.

When people click on the link/banner ads, they are taken to our website and if they make a purchase, you get 30% of the amount as commission. It’s as simple as that.

It is your job to promote your website and our link/ad banners on your website.

Visit our Affiliates page for more information

Domains and Hosting

In today’s business world, a domain name and a web presence are a must. Your domain name is your online identity, which allows internet users from around the world to locate and browse your web site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can be used as your email address and your web address. A domain name can also be used as a supplemental pointer to your existing site name (ie. may be bought as a separate domain name and pointed to your site

A memorable, marketable and brandable name is essential to create your internet presence. As internet traffic increases, businesses will realize that they can no longer ignore the internet.

A domain name must be hosted on a server and so you also need a hosting account.

To get your own domain and hosting, please use the Domain Search Form on our website.

Simply enter your preferred domain name and the preferred Top Level Domain (TLD). So for instance your may want your domain name for your Organisation ABC to be organisationabc and the TLD to be .org, so you type in the domain name in the respective field and then chose the .org TLD from the drop-down menu.

Then click ‘Go’ and a search will be conducted to see if the domain name is available for use or has already been taken up by someone else.

NB: if there is a TLD that you prefer and is not available, please contact us and we will help you out.

If the domain name is available, you then will be given a chance to chose the TLD and then click ‘Continue’.

Then you enter a ‘username’ and choose a hosting plan from the drop-down menu whether it is Starter, Business, Corporate or Enterprise.

Then you chose whether to pre-install a script or leave at ‘None’. It is better to leave at ‘None’. You also chose the data center location. For PNG, please choose Australia from the drop-down menu. You also enter you Account Owner Details and select the method of payment.

Then you click ‘Continue’

You will be then taken to ‘Checkout’ and eventually process payment and have your respective domain and hosting account automatically set up immediately.

You will get confirmation, links, username, password and other details via email.

Domain Only

If you want a domain only, then follow the above but select the ‘Domain Only’ plan from the drop-down menu. As in the above, you will get confirmation, links, username, password and other details via email.


Pro accounts can have two (2) emails, while Premium accounts can have twenty (20) emails.

Once you have registered and activated your account and, go to your dashboard and send us a ticket under the Email category advising us of the email addresses and passwords you intent to use. We will then setup the email accounts for you.

Note that the format of emails addresses will be such that your website url (address) name comes first. So if for instance if your organization is called ABC and your website address is, then your email address can be or or

To access your email, you will have to go to

Then it will prompt you to enter your login credentials. Simply enter your email address as your username and your password in the respective fields and enter.


There are no other hidden fees. The actual listed subscription amount for each account is the only amount you pay.

Online Merchant Account

If you wish to sell your products/services online, you can apply for an Online Merchant Account with Digicel (PNG). Contact the Cellmoni Team.

In addition, you can have a payment gateway of your choice maybe you bank may have a similar product or some others offering the same service.


What is a Plugin? Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPressPlugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine. For instance, if you want your website to have an e-commerce system that would enable you to buy and sell online, then you would have to install/activate an e-commerce plugin.

A plugin will enable you to have a learning management system (LMS), auto-responder and so on.

You cannot install a new plugin. We have already installed the necessary plugin. You only need to activate a particular plugin in your own account.

We only provide support to Premium accounts for the plugins installed on our network. Nevertheless, for support and full documentation, please visit the respective plugin pages for full documentation on each plugin.

However, we do provide web development services (including website design) that clients can access. In these services, we help you full website development.

Or you can upgrade to a Premium account.


For instructions on registration, please check out the Registration Guide

Site Subscription

After registration of site and email verification, you will have a 30-day trial, after which you will have to make a yearly payment. Visit the Subscriptions page to do so:

There are two different site subscription levels:

  1. Pro – this costs K299 annually but it is FREE for the first month. You get a website with premium plugins and features, plus 2 emails. You have 10 000MB storage space and unlimited bandwidth. You have access to support but no support is given for plugins and theme customization or website design issues.
  2. Premium – this costs K499 annually and you get a website with the same premium plugins and features, plus 20 email accounts. You have 100 000MB storage space and unlimited bandwidth. You have access to support including support for plugins and theme customization or website design issues.

Users and Sites

You can register on our site as a user only or you can choose to register a site.

Registration is straight-forward and your simply have to visit our Registration page and fill in your details and follow the prompts.

You can register many sites but each time you must use a different username/email address.

During registration of a site please select the sub-domain that best suits your site.

* SMEs (Companies), Businesses Groups, Cooperative Societies etc — Register a website under the domain –

* Associations, NGOs, CBOs, Bands, Teams, Clubs, Church Groups, Youth Groups, Cultural Groups, Women’s Groups etc — Register a website under the domain –

* Kindergarten, Elementary, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Vocational and Technical Schools and other training institutions — Register a website under the domain –

* Individuals, Informal Sector, Overseas Suppliers and others — Register a website under the domain –

During registration of a site please also select the category(ies) that best suit(s) your site.

For more information about how to register, please check out the Registration Guide

PNGSME Website Design/Customisation

To help you customise and design your PNGSME Website, here two resources to help you:

The ebooks document the different features of your website and how you can tweak the settings for each feature and thus customise your website.

If you find it difficult, you can just register the client website and send their data to us in the form below so we can do the editing/customisation.

Some resource you will need are below:

  1. PNGSME Wesbite Design/Registration – Affiliates
  2. PNGSME Wesbite Design/Registration – Clients


or you can fill the online form:

[caldera_form_modal id=”CF573926b27b13a” type=”button”]Affiliate Website Design/Registration Form[/caldera_form_modal]


[caldera_form_modal id=”CF573e54e5f1195″ type=”button”]Client Website Design/Registration Form [/caldera_form_modal]



PNGSME Website Subscription Payment

To pay your annual website subscription fee, we accept payment only via Digicel Cellmoni.

Please transfer payment to our Digicel Cellmoni Account.

You must also register a Digicel Cellmoni  account (Including for payout of your commission for affiliates)

To know more about Digicel Cellmoni, click here.


30-day Money-Back Guarantee

We have a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee so in the highly unlikely even you are satisfied with our services, you can get full refund – no questions will be asked.

Of course you also have a 30-day free trial period.