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A website is indispensable in this day and age. The question is not “How much money will a website cost?” but rather “How much money am I losing without a website?”

In the tabs below, you will see the importance of a website in Business, Education, Government and all other sectors.

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Importance of a Website in Business


Your business may need more profit, more customers, modern up-to-date marketing, more satisfied customers, more business, bigger market share, less cost of running business etc. All this objectives can be reached through your website;

A website is a collection of pages under one domain name representing a company, business or simply an idea on the World Wide Web (WWW) files. The information could be in the form of traditional media including text, images & sound bytes and the more recent media of video and animation. It can easily be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world. A website is a ‘Virtual Real Estate’ and is important to a business just as (brick n mortar) real estate is. Just as your store gives you a physical presence a high-quality website provides you with an online Internet presence. A website saves both the company and its clients a lot of time, money and other resources.

Websites are unlimited in what they can do – from providing information to inviting/answering inquiries to processing payment orders and any complex task. It is not limited like newspaper, radio and TV etc. It even beats humans in the performance of tasks automatically – your website is the perfect employee, it can serve many clients at once, it will not sleep and it will work on weekends, yet it won’t even ask for a promotion.

One of the most surprising things when you look at small businesses is how many of them don’t have a website. You would think that in this day and age everybody would know how important a website is for all businesses. Clearly that is not the case. Any business that does not have a website is missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them. And PNGSME Web Services can help business organisations realize that. Visit or now.

The main reason that it is important for businesses to have a website is how people are likely to find you. These days most people will go online and research products and companies before they make a purchase, if you don’t have a website you are missing out on all of this potential business. Even if people don’t buy your product online they are still likely to research it online so you have to have a website so these people can learn about your business.

In this internet age, the tendency is to search for everything on the web. How many times do you think a potential customer has tried to find your business on the Internet but were unable to locate you but found a competitor’s website instead? Often companies are unsure about whether or not they need a website they are already listed in the Yellow Pages. In 2013 the first thing people do is hop on their computer and Google whatever it is they are looking for… and they will usually be looking for your official website, not a random text listing on a page filled with hundreds of other similar businesses like the Yellow Pages. This is because the internet is infinite in comparison with the Yellow Pages and other advertising media.
Other businesses think it is enough to advertise on others’ website, for example: but this is not unprofessional does not portray a credible image. It is unofficial and also makes the business hard to find. The same can be said about using a social networking site like Facebook as your official “website”.  Facebook is not supposed to be used this way. It is a social networking site, and it is great to have your own company page to interact with your customers and keep your business fresh in their minds, but it is by no means a great place to call home.  Why? Because Facebook is not personalized. It’s freebie website jam packed with other attention-grabbing details that have absolutely nothing to do with your business. Your own website should have your own logo in the top corner, not the Facebook logo. So while it is a great place to increase your customer base and share photos, deals, and extras, an official website with proper navigation and important information should still be the place that you direct these fans to so that they can actually see all aspects of your business.

Moreover, businesses using freebie email accounts like Gmail or hotmail is incredibly unprofessional. An email address looks far more appealing than Not only does it look better, but it gives you a little more credibility with customers/clients knowing that you’ve taken the time to set up proper email accounts.  A domain name costs only about $11 a year and can be set up in minutes. With your domain name you get free email addresses. And PNGSME Web Services can help business organisations realize that. Visit or now.

Having an online presence will enable you to compete with much larger and better companies. The Internet is the closest thing to a level playing field with bigger companies you can find. Websites have no certain place, no country; they are international. If you have a website, then you have something international that overcomes the limits between countries and long distances. A professionally designed website will give your business added credibility and visibility. It will allow you to: be found (get new customers); be accessible 24/7/365 (get more business.); provide convenient and instant customer service (get more satisfied customers); provide detailed information (get more credibility); save money (get more profits); sell online (get even more profits); compete locally; compete globally (bigger market share) and more. And PNGSME Web Services can help business organisations realize that. Visit or now.

A website is far cheaper and much more flexible and unlimited than other advertising medium, expands market, diversifies revenue streams, availability 24 7 365, offers convenience and fast Instant service, adds value and satisfaction, standardizes sales performance, improves credibility, promotes your  brick  &  mortar  presence, provides growth Opportunity, establishes two-way communicative marketing, offers cheap market research provide, portrays online business face and identity, supplies a new way of Lead Generation, brands yourself and not rely on freebie websites with their own branding, attracts new customers through web searches, separates yourself from text listings, Makes you stand out among 100’s of other businesses shows your professionalism,

Not having a website simply means you do not exist in online world at all and you lose all benefits which you could have through a business website. In today’s world Importance of website is really at higher end, which can lead a lot of opportunities for your business. If you are a business owner, ignorance of importance of websites in this business world can hamper your chances of getting to the top of summit. If you do not have an online presence, you are making a big mistake. A business without a website is equivalent to a person without an identity.

The best part is that you can generate traffic and also increase sales for your company. It enables you to have access to customers that you otherwise might not have contact with. Without a website, you will not be able to tap the potential of the internet. The best part is that with a website you can maximize your reach for a minimum investment. And PNGSME Web Services can help business organisations realize that. Visit or now.

In today’s time of internet popularity and globalization, a web page or website is a dynamic tool in the market for you to both acquire and service your clients. It enables one to make information easily available about themselves as well as the products and services they plan to offer. Competition has never been fiercer and it has become necessary for every company and business to fight tooth and nail for every inch of that customer share. A website and a good website design combined with marketing and search engine optimization activities is playing an increasingly crucial role in helping businesses and individuals achieve their objectives. Online presence has lowered barriers to entry for smaller players and has provided an instant ‘global reach at practically zero cost’.

I am sure everyone has heard of the ‘work from home mum’ who makes thousands of dollars selling products on their ecommerce website. I can hear you say ‘how is that possible’. Well, the simple answer is ‘online presence’ i.e. a website that allows you to sell your products or services to visitors paying through their credit card. When you own a business, your website is one of your most important mediums that can be used to reach new customers and generate more sales. Whether you have an established website that is not currently working for you, or you are a complete novice to the online marketing world, improving your website so that it generates traffic and increases sales is the right thing for your business. And PNGSME Web Services can help business organisations realize that. Visit or now.

Without a high quality website that attracts visitors and provides you with a way to capture information, you are not using the Internet’s power to its full potential. A high-quality business website provides you with a way to capture the enormous amount of traffic that is on the Internet. A quality website is able to not only generate traffic but also increase sales for your company. The first benefit that a business website can provide you with is it enables you to have access to customers that you otherwise might not have contact with.

The Internet Age is in full swing.  However, many small business owners have yet to adopt the methodologies of this trend.  In fact, quite a few small business owners do not even have a website for their company. Perhaps the cost of developing a website, maintaining that website and purchasing a domain name keep them from taking advantage of these powerful tools.  If you find yourself in this boat, it’s incredibly important that you jump ship.

In today’s world, consumers are more and more likely to expect a company to have their own website.  In the eyes of a consumer, having a website is a measure of viability, of stability. In short, if you do not own a website, then your customers might not take you quite as seriously as they would if you did.  Why is this?  What’s so important about having a website for your small business? To the eyes of a consumer, having a quality, professionally designed website is a measure of how successful your business is and how likely you are to remain in business.  Small businesses without a website seem ephemeral – fleeting.

If you do not have a web presence, consumers are likely to think that you are not making enough money for one and are likely to suffer the consequences of that lack of income. Another excellent reason to have a website for your company is that it provides you with numerous options for cost effective (or even free) marketing. And PNGSME Web Services can help business organisations realize that. Visit or now.

Owning a website enables you to grow your business on a global scale, rather than simply in the local or regional market. As consumers the world over can visit your company’s website, peruse your goods and services and make a purchase decision, this can be an invaluable tool for increasing your profitability and incurring growth. And PNGSME Web Services can help business organisations realize that. Visit or now.

A website is also important because it helps you establish credibility as a business. Most people just assume that you have a website since the vast majority of businesses do, at least the vast majority of big companies do. There are actually still quite a few small businesses that don’t have a website and without one this is exactly what they will remain. If you don’t have a website that you can refer people to potential customers are going to assume that you are a small time company that does not take their business seriously. Once you establish this reputation it is going to be hard to make sales.

A website will not only give you credibility but it will also help to give the impression that your company is bigger and more successful than it may actually be. One of the great things about the internet is that the size of your company does not really matter. There is no reason that you can’t get your site to rank in Google ahead of a large multinational competitor and funnel off some of their traffic. This is a big part of the reason that a website is even more important for a small business than a big one, it tends to level the playing field. And PNGSME Web Services can help business organisations realize that. Visit or now.

Clearly there are still a lot of small businesses that do not have websites, there are various reasons for this but mostly it comes down to the belief that they are expensive. It is rather surprising how much small business owners believe a website will cost them. In truth a website can be built for very little money and if you are on a tight budget you can even get free websites. Remember you don’t need a giant ten thousand page website for your business, just a simple site that tells people about your company and your products will be more than enough. And PNGSME Web Services can help business organisations realize that. Visit or now.

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The question you should be asking now is not “How much money will a website cost?” but “How much money am I losing without a website?”

Now is the time to start. It’s not really a choice anymore, but a necessity in today’s marketplace and culture. Start small if you have to, but understand the importance of at least starting.

And PNGSME Web Services can help business organisations realize that. Visit or now.

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Importance of a Website in Education


Specifically in education, the internet is an unparalleled experience that has revolutionized the educational system. Many documented studies by top public (Incl. US & UK Education Depts.) and private organizations have shown that the internet is of high significance to education: it is indispensable. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is one of them. In fact the UNESCO has set up the separate UNESCO Institute for Information Technology in Education (IITE) which is dedicated to researching, promoting and educating the masses on the immeasurable benefits of using the internet in Education.

Thus it comes as no surprise that all the top universities in the world utilize the incredible power of the internet, which includes offering online education leading to various certifications including Diplomas, Degrees, Masters and Doctorates. In addition to paid courses, these institutions offer free open courseware and information in all subjects from literature to engineering. Top companies like Microsoft and Cisco offer courses online that lead to professional accreditations. Technical schools, high schools, primary and even primary and elementary schools overseas now maximize the internet in education. This trend is currently being embraced in PNG with the Divine Word University a notable one, let alone other private institutions. However, even the Divine Word University has a long way to go – and PNG has still got a long way to catch up. But thanks to technology, that is now a reality – it’s just a matter of implementing. And PNGSME Web Services can help educational institutions realize that. Visit or now.

No one can deny that our overseas counterparts enjoy a significantly higher quality of education. Nevertheless, the internet has no limits and Internet in education decreases the gap in the quality and quantity of information provided for education between developed and developing countries. The e-Learning Foundation’s research findings published on the BBC reveal that children with access to online education resources achieved higher grade average grade in exams than those who did not. Internet to education is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity in this day and age.

Internet in education is something that has taken the world by storm. While the Internet in education does a lot for students, there are also benefits for parents and teachers, administrators and the general public. Internet in education ushers in fundamental structural changes that are integral to achieving significant improvements in education, supporting both teaching and learning, it infuses classrooms with learning tools; expands course offerings, experiences, and learning materials; supports learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; builds 21st century skills; increases student engagement and motivation; and accelerates learning. And PNGSME Web Services can help educational institutions realize that. Visit or now.

Internet in education helps by providing the opportunity to restructure educational activities (to increase relevance, individualization, engagement, and academic challenge). It provides improved/increased resources (including information, images, data, and multimedia) and provides improved/increased communication (among teachers and students, and with parents, subject-matter experts, and the community). Internet in education provides conducive environment for the development of critical thinking and media literacy. And PNGSME Web Services can help educational institutions realize that. Visit or now.

The Internet is a vital part of the education process; resources for learning and educating are implemented into lesson plans and homework every day. With less cost, effort and resources on the providers part students can access unlimited amounts of information to broaden their education. With Internet access in schools, there is almost no limit to what students can learn. In the past decade, internet in education has significantly increased in popularity mainly because it offers clear benefits over conventional educational facilities. Traditional teaching methods might not be the norm anymore.

Communication and information are the two most important uses of the Internet. Education is communication. Communication is education.  The Internet is the most useful medium of communication since writing. The medium is inherently educative. One cannot venture into a new virtual space without learning something. The Internet is multimedial. In the age of television, schools cannot create compelling learning situations using just chalk, worksheets, texts, and speech.  Educating the “savvy media consumer” that is our current student requires the use of sound, images, video, animation, interactivity, and hypertextuality. And PNGSME Web Services can help educational institutions realize that. Visit or now.

Most all schools are limited in the possibility to acquire the necessary quantity of printed copies of the most authoritative reference and informative publications. Internet in education drastically decreases the cost of information delivery to users, let alone the education providers. Further huge savings are enjoyed both by the providers and users because there are no additional costs for transportation and accommodation and others, including fewer teachers to pay. Online education programs and courses also cost a lot cheaper than those taken in a traditional school.

Another important factor is that textbooks are one of the greatest expenses of schools. They are easily damaged and lost, and, in this age of rapid advancement, they often become obsolete before being published. The Internet contains much more compelling information resources than textbooks, as well as real-world data which should become the primary “raw material” of teaching and learning. These remain fresh, and can be edited and kept up-to-date with very little effort. Information can be updated or modified at any time and for any number of times, which helps in learning and better understanding. Moreover, online education materials are flexible and accessible 24/7, from virtually everywhere. And PNGSME Web Services can help educational institutions realize that. Visit or now.

Internet in education will allow for educational material to be simultaneously available to many students and teachers in different locations, and enable them to interact with each other anytime from wherever they are. The fast and relatively low-cost access is one of the major benefits of Internet, including the didactic effectiveness of teaching, and the ability to communicating directly with experts. It aids the development of communication, writing and critical thinking skills. Then there is the permanent possibility of easy and accurate update, easy electronic filing, no additional costs, immediate transmission, permanently accessible information site (24 h/day), reduction of “paperwork” and oral/written standard requests

Another advantage in this sphere is the integration of information resources which leads not only to increased accessibility, but also to the quantitative growth and qualitative diversity of the remotely delivered information, with no need for each educational institution and single user to acquire and maintain expensive and complicated equipment required for emplacement of large quantities of information. This is not to mention the quickness of information retrieval, including online access mode. This mode eliminates many inconveniences experienced in the traditional setting. And PNGSME Web Services can help educational institutions realize that. Visit or now.

The interactive learning that the Internet provides can help students and parents with little or no English skills to learn English. Parents can become more involved in their children’s education. In addition, there is no age, grade or location barrier – and thus aids in adult literacy. It enables those that would otherwise have no option, to be literate and educated. Online education provides resources for those who don’t normally have the opportunity to access an educational institution. Students who have limited income and must work full time or those who have health constraints can attend high school or post-secondary school online. Moreover, the Internet provides students of any age with the ability to collaborate with others and answer questions they cannot answer on their own.
Internet in education offers a world of information in one place. It has opened up the possibility of disregarding the physical presence of a teacher and a classroom, and other physical constraints. It facilitates access to interactive and dynamic materials (which are easy to publish). It is liberating, and gives rise to independent learning – helps instill self-discipline. The person is on his/her own and is personally responsible for making sure that he/she takes the time needed to get assignments done. This self-discipline that they learn is going to carry over into the work environment.

Information can be accessed from the safety of the home or from anywhere else, anytime 24/7. It is very convenient, let alone saves time and money on travel. Online education materials can be consulted from anywhere, at any time and as many times as you want; all of which certainly facilitate learning. It has been proven that the more comfortable we are –the easier and entertaining it is to assimilate knowledge. And PNGSME Web Services can help educational institutions realize that. Visit or now.

The same goes for teachers and administrators. It enables administrators and teachers to spend less time on administration and record-keeping. This would also give them more time for students. The Internet is an added bonus for teachers looking for more information on subjects. Teachers will access educational materials (lesson plans, curriculum ideas, information to enhance your students’ learning in the classroom). It allows them to efficiently communicate with parents and other teachers through email. Teachers can have their own class pages that parents can check at their convenience to see what is going on in the classroom.

The teaching & learning style & pace are flexible, which are factors that have been proven to be significant in student achievement. Tutorials, practices, examples and assignments aid to further the education process. Internet in education has the power to transform teaching by ushering in a new model of connected teaching. This model links teachers to their students and to professional content, resources, and systems to help them improve their own instruction and personalize learning. Online learning opportunities and the use of open educational resources and other technologies increase educational productivity by accelerating the rate of learning; reducing costs associated with instructional materials or program delivery; and better utilizing teacher time. And PNGSME Web Services can help educational institutions realize that. Visit or now.

The school will also be able to have an online data management system (Database) that will, among other things, make available many resources like due fees notifications, transcripts etc. Certain fields in the database can be also be made public available such as the photos of past and current students and their brief profile including date of enrollment and expiry date etc. The public availability of certain information such as these helps a lot to prevent the forging of student certificates etc which taints the school reputation as a company employs an unskilled poor-performing applicant who claims to be a graduate of the school. Forging of certificate also causes loss of potential revenue as non-students use the school for free and past/current students should upgrade in the subjects failed, thus bringing in more revenue, instead of forgery. And PNGSME Web Services can help educational institutions realize that. Visit or now.

Such an education portal will also be an advertising/marketing tool for the school that is very powerful yet extremely cheap in comparison with other mediums (as the internet is the best advertising/marketing medium). This will be available 24/7 to people absolutely everywhere. Moreover, thanks to modern technology, we can now access the internet on mobile phones and other mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Then there are the issues of equipment/material shortage, overcrowding, deteriorating infrastructure etc. Fortunately, these can be alleviated by internet in education. A website far exceeds TV, radio, print and other medium in education.

One of the features is e-library for every school which is very advantageous. This is very vital as it is a great challenge to physically equip schools with a modern well-stocked and up-to-date library.

The respective school websites will also have resource materials like Phonics, Parts of Speech, Geometry etc that students can access anytime.

Then there is e-learning (LMS) which covers everything from student registration to online exams and certification. Among many other things, it allows a teacher to post all lessons online to be accessible by students anytime and anywhere, follow up on these up with assignments that students can submit online and check these online with the ability to add remarks.

There is also the option of a social networking site for schools similar to Facebook so students can socialise instead with school matters and alumni. This will solve a major issue causing poor results in schools caused by social networking sites.

But all these benefits of internet in education are only the tip of the ice-berg. With all these factors and many more, we find that the significance of internet in education can’t be refuted.

And a school that utilizes internet in education shows it is a truly professional and modern outfit and is steps ahead of its peers, regardless of its physical parameters. That school also saves tons of money, time and other resources while giving it the ability to reach out to many more students than would have been possible in the traditional settings, thus increasing intake and revenue etc. And PNGSME Web Services can help educational institutions realize that. Visit or now.


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Importance of a Website in Government


When government is constantly being asked to do more with less, the Internet is playing a vital role in allowing government to better serve all of its citizens. A websites is the best portal to provide important government information and services to citizens.

A website is first of all a communication tool, as it provides individuals and organizations based in remote locations with a way to share and exchange information over the internet. More specifically, and from the point of view of its owner, a government website can fulfill one or more of the following functions: it can be a publishing tool, it can be a marketing tool, invite investment in public bonds or other publicly-managed financial instruments, it can be a transactional tool, it can be a work tool, it can be a two-way communication tool. It is cheaper, quicker, better, best.

Data is absolutely necessary for planning and development and a website can host an online database that will be accessible to the general public. Considering that the issue of transparency is priority #1, it is unfortunate that important data and information is extremely hard to find or even unavailable. This lack of organization results in citizens lacking a clear understanding of what’s going on. By focusing on transparency, a government agency with a website can be perceived as caring about its citizens as its primary concern. On the contrary, citizens may get frustrated with lack of transparency in the form of information dissemination. Moreover, it hampers development.

On the other hand, a website does a decent job of providing transparency. It’s easy to find the last meeting that was held, all of the issues that were discussed, and any resolutions that occurred.  Minutes are accounted for, and it’s even easy to find out when the next meeting will be held. It also provides an easily accessible and user-friendly search.  This is an area where a website performs well.

The government produces a lot of data that describe the services that the government offers and how well those services are performing. There is also data on how people use these services and who those people are. There are many reasons why government data is useful; data introduces transparency – in a democracy it is important that we know what the government is doing. Data about public services’ performance, such as school grades, court sentences or hospital waiting times is a good way of measuring the effectiveness of our education, justice and health policies. By releasing public data, the government allows people to see how the government is doing. And PNGSME Web Services can help government departments, agencies and statutory bodies realize that. Visit or now.

A website is the best tool for dissemination of information and it is a must for government departments. All government departments must be more transparent and open, by releasing data on finance, resources and procurement in an open, regular and re-usable format. A concentrated on data releases from major public services including health, education, crime and justice, and transport.

Transparency isn’t just about access to data. People need to be able to use that data, to share it, and combine it with other data to use it in their own applications. Used in this way, open data can create value by providing an opportunity for businesses to take the data released and produce goods and services from it.

The Internet is dramatically changing the way that American government serves the public. Taking advantage of new technology, many governments are using the web to offer citizens a host of services including: corresponding online with local officials; providing information about government services; renewing library books or driver’s licenses; providing tax information and accepting tax returns; and applying for jobs or benefits. PNGSME Web Services can help government departments, agencies and statutory bodies realize that. Visit or now.

A government website is important because it: allows programs and services to be offered in a more dynamic, interactive way, increasing citizen participation; increases convenience and speed in obtaining information or services; reduces costs in providing programs and information about government services; reduces the amount of paperwork; and expands the possibilities of reaching new sectors of the community or offering new programs

A government agency with no website may also meet its legal obligations by providing an alternative accessible way for citizens to use the programs or services, such as a staffed telephone information line. These alternatives, however, are unlikely to provide an equal degree of access in terms of hours of operation and the range of options and programs available in websites. For example, job announcements and application forms, if posted on an accessible website, would be available to people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Above all, these are automated and require less human and others resources.

With the rapid changes in the Internet and in assistive technologies used by people, government organizations should work to establish accessibility of web pages that permit innovation to continue.

PNGSME Web Services can help government departments, agencies and statutory bodies realize that. Visit or now.


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Importance of a Website in all other Sectors


The significance a website plays in business, government and education also applies to every other sector, including the Church. It even applies to personal and family websites.

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