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PNGSME Web Services offers five (5) main products namely: Domain Name Registraion, Web Hosting, Website Design, Training and the PNG Network (www.pngsme.com)

Please check each one out in the tabs below:


Cut–price Domain Names


At PNGSME Web Services, you can obtain a domain name at a unique price.

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At PNGSME Web Services, you’ll find reduced domain prices together with an easy–to–navigate domain name management tool. Besides, you’ll get your domain name free of cost with all our Linux web hosting packages plans.

We supply more than 50 domain name extensions for you to choose from.

With each and every domain registration, it’s also possible to benefit from our uncomplicated Domain Names Manager tool. It is possible to speedily alter your WHOIS details, to activate WHOIS Shield as well as to get hold of SSL Certificates for your domain names.



The Best Domain Name Prices on the Web

Here you will find pretty good domain registration deals. We offer you an enormous collection of domain names extensions to choose from, and have done our very best to offer you the very best prices on the market. With our user–friendly Domain Names Manager interface, you will be able to gain full control of your domain names. It offers plenty of domain name management options – you can easily create custom DNS records, update your WHOIS records, park unlimited domain names and a lot more.

Also, we offer you some of the most famous universal and country–specific Top–Level Domains free of cost with a Linux web hosting packages plan. Have a look at them


Linux Web Hosting Packages

Cloud web hosting plans offering ZFS storage at a price you will like! Every package includes various charge–free bonuses, among them a user–friendly, multi–language hosting Control Panel, which features an instant Web Applications Installer and a selection of web accelerators using which you can make your websites insanely fast.


Data Backups

Have you ever lost your web site content? Take advantage of our data backup solution

Once posted on the Internet, your site content is generally susceptible to cyber–thieves assaults. It could be affected even by your own personal involuntary actions. Choose us and, there is nothing to worry about, given that we have a backup of your website content, which will be retrieved at any time. Moreover, you’ll be able to create manual back–up copies of your entire site with one mouse click through your File Manager, which is available in the Site Control Panel. The system will save all of your web site files and will store them in a ZIP file, which will be stored in your hosting account.


Web Hosting Control Panel

All the handy site administration tools that you need in a single location

Control all your sites with a click of the mouse with our custom–made point ’n’ click Site Control Panel. It is fitted out with a drag ’n’ drop File Manager, an all–inclusive Domain Names Manager for all your domains (you can change your WHOIS info and your NS records, lock, unclock and ID–protect your domains, add custom Domain Name System records, etcetera), a fast E Mail Accounts Manager (you can redirect emails, activate email spam protection, set up auto–response messages, set up e–mail filters, order SPF protection, etcetera), a Database Manager for handling numerous MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, a detailed statistics GUI and lots of innovative tools.


True Cloud Platform

Host your own sites in the cloud

We have deployed the latest cloud server technology when constructing our own hosting system, which is invulnerable to incidental performance interruptions and downtimes. All the services related to your web site such as DNSs, e–mails, databases, web applications, etcetera are dealt with by separate physical machines to ensure that even if there is an excessive load issue, your web site will still be working smoothly.


Web Accelerators

The Site Acceleration Tools (Memcached, Varnish and Node.js) built into the hosting Site Control Panel, will significantly boost the speed of your dynamic websites.

They’re intended to cache the data from your web sites and thus minimize the amount of queries to the database server or the application programming interface. This will help all your websites open significantly quicker than before and will allow you to allure more happy website visitors, which equals reduced bounce rates.


24×7 Support

24–7–365 Support

Our team of capable technicians is online 24/7/365 for any concerns that you might have about our web hosting services. No matter whether you need guidance or have a significant matter to resolve, we are here to help you. You can contact us via e–mail or through the ticketing platfrom. A sixty–minute response is guaranteed. You can also call us or use live chat during working hours.


99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee

A 99.9 percent server uptime is guaranteed

At PNGSME Web Services, we give a ninety–nine point nine percent network uptime guarantee. This suggests that, rain or shine, your site will be reachable online and everyone will be able to visit it. All this is possible owing to the custom–built web hosting platform that we have developed. It is based on a seriously tweaked SELinux (Security–Enhanced Linux) distribution so as to ensure optimum network uptime for all cloud hosting users.



A secure web application firewall software

We offer an instant method of shielding every single web app in your hosting account, irrespective of whether it is freshly installed or has been imported from a different web hosting distributor. All our web hosting plans offer ModSecurity – a web app firewall program, which is enabled by default. We have configured it to immediately hamper the majority of hacker attacks. This implies that when you host your website with us, it’ll be safer than before.


Solid–State Drives

Momentarily boost the loading speed of your web site

In case you would like to give your website a top performance boost, all you have to do is just to host it with us. Our web hosting servers have solid–state disks, so on each physical server you will enjoy unparalleled read and write speeds, which will make your web site faster than the blink of an eye.

Thanks to the excellent Internet connectivity provided by each of our cloud web hosting Datacenter Facilities, your site will start to load so much faster without any need for any further modifications from you.


VPN Access

Safe, private website browsing

In case you’d like to stay truly anonymous whilst exploring the Internet, our company offers you a simple solution. With any of our web hosting packs, you can acquire VPN access. We’ll route your entire inbound and outbound web traffic through one of our VPN data centers, making your digital footmark untrackable. And you’ll get VPN access regardless of what web–connected device you’re using.


5 Data-Centers Worldwide

State-Of-Art Datacebters in 3 continents

Steadfast, Chicago, IL

Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK

SIS Group, Sydney, Australia

Telepoint, Sofia, Bulgaria

Ficolo/Pori, Finland

Website Design Packages


There are 7 basic packages for our website design service and below is a summary:



Sub-domain on the PNG Network (www.pngsme.com)



Your organization itself registers a premium website on www.pngsme.com using one of the 200+ templates and customize it according to preference.



Unlimited No. of pages



Own Domain & Hosting (www.pngsmews.net)


Your organisation itself registers a domain and hosting and installs the choice theme and plug-ins with unlimited number options


Unlimited No. of pages



Starting from as low as:

$70 for Hosting &

$17 for Domain



Own Domain & Hosting (www.pngsmews.net)



PNGSME Web Services installs basic versions of theme only.


Five (10) Pages Limit


K    2 999



Own Domain & Hosting (www.pngsmews.net)



PNGSME Web Services installs basic versions of theme and plug-ins. Ten (10) plug-ins limit.


Ten (20) Pages Limit K    4 999

Own Domain & Hosting (www.pngsmews.net)



PNGSME Web Services installs premium versions of theme and plug-ins. Twenty (20) plug-ins limit.


Forty (40) Pages Limit K    8 999

Own Domain & Hosting (www.pngsmews.net)



PNGSME Web Services installs premium versions of theme and plug-ins. Unlimited No. of plug-ins.


Unlimited No. of pages K  16 999

Own Domain & Hosting (www.pngsmews.net)



PNGSME Web Services installs premium versions of theme and plug-ins. Unlimited No. of plug-ins.


Unlimited No. of pages K30 000 to K300 000










Join the millions of individuals and Corporate entities worldwide

Build a career, or advance yours today


The world’s greatest brands rely on the same Resources, plus tens of thousands of companies in over 150 countries worldwide

There are over 400 Courses to choose from

   ANY Time, ANY Place, ANY Pace, ANY Age, ANY Budget, and MANY More….

Do it all Online, at a Fraction of the Cost, at Your Own Pace, from the Comfort of your own Home or Office….

Fees start from K100 to K250 per Course

Our E-Training is online at


(LEARN while you EARN)

Read more….

The PNG Network: www.pngsme.com


PNGSME Web Services has developed a web platform which can be accessed at www.pngsme.com where organisations/institutions/groups/individuals can simply go online anytime and from anywhere and automatically register a website. The web platform can also be accessed via www.pngedu.com, www.pngorg.com and www.pngemarket.com.

This is the PNG Network of Companies, Business Groups, Cooperative Societies, NGOs, Churches, Bands, Teams, Clubs, Youth Groups, Cultural Groups, Women’s Groups, Schools/Institutions, Government Agencies, other Organisations and individuals

The web platform allows organisations/institutions/groups/individuals etc to easily, affordably and instantly register a website which has premium features integrated.

  • 200+ Premium Templates.
  • 1 Click Website Setup.
  • 5 Minute Registration.
  • 4 Domains To Choose From.
  • 99% Up-time Guarantee.
  • 5 Data Centers Worldwide.
  • And many more….

With 210+ premium templates to choose from, you will have a professional website live online in less than 5 minutes, with just the click of a button.

There are 4 domains to choose from:

  • SMEs (Companies, Businesses Groups, Cooperative Societies etc) can register a website under the com domain.
  • NGOs, Churches, Bands, Teams, Clubs, Youth Groups, Cultural Groups, Women’s Groups etc. can register a website under the com domain
  • Schools/Institutions can register a website under the com domain
  • Individuals can register a website under the com domain

It’s all hassle-free, stress-free, and risk-free. You can register online anytime, from anywhere.

Stress-Free: The website building process is narrowed down to just a few clicks.

Hassle-Free: Registration takes just 5 minutes of your time without any requirements other than an email address.

Risk-Free: Registration is free and you have a 30-day trial. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If in the unlikely event you are not satisfied, we have a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. So you have no risk whatsoever.


Plans & Pricing – www.pngsme.com

There are no hidden fees.

However, please note carefully that there are two site subscription levels:

  1. Pro – this costs K299 annually but it is FREE for the first 30 days. You get a website with premium plugins and features, plus 2 email accounts. You have 10 000MB storage space and unlimited bandwidth. You have access to support but no support is given for plugins and theme customization or website design issues.
  2. Premium – this costs K499 annually and you get a website with the same premium plugins and features, plus 20 email accounts. You have 100 000MB storage space and unlimited bandwidth. You have access to support including support for plugins and theme customization or website design issues.

Both levels have the same premium plugins and features and support via tickets right from your dashboard. But the only differences are in the storage space and emails and support areas.

That means whichever account level you choose, you will have access to the same services which include auto-responders, live chat, online booking, e-commerce, Google map, online contact form, Learning Management System (LMS) and many more.

So what are you waiting for?….. Register a Premium Website

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Your Benefits

There are many benefits that you reap when you choose us. Below are just some:

  • Leverage the power of the internet.
  • Enjoy quality hosting with our five (5) state-of-art data centers located throughout the world with 99.9% uptime guaranteed,
  • There is a domain for everyone from SMEs (Companies), Businesses Groups, Cooperative Societies, NGOs, Churches, Bands, Teams, Clubs, Youth Groups, Cultural Groups, Women’s Groups, Schools, Individuals, Informal Sector, Overseas Suppliers and more…,
  • Sell your buai, kaukau, other garden produce, car, products & services anything at all online, 
  • Features your business needs are integrated —  auto-responders, live chat, online booking, e-commerce, Learning Management System (LMS) etc, 
  • 10 000 to 100 000 MB Storage Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, with 2 to 20 email accounts.
  • Dynamic Content Management System, and with our ready templates you can have your professional website live online in less than 10 minutes,
  • The brick-by-brick website building process is narrowed down to just a few clicks,
  • Great marketing on the Network to peer SMEs, general public and the whole world 24/7/365 for FREE,
  • Have your own E-Store and sell your products & services online, 
  • FAQs and Support system  through tickets right from your dashboard,
  • Have an online presence, virtual real estate, best employee & more,
  • Be on a level playing field with large corporations,
  • No Annoying ads,
  • No hidden fees,
  • FAST registration and set-up.
  • And much more….


So what are you waiting for?….. Register a Premium Website

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